For almost 50 years, Campion family has been building quality boats for families and friends to enjoy worldwide.

As Canada’s largest independent fiberglass boat builder, CAMPION listens to customers and have the freedom to design and deliver the kinds of boats they want. You have a choice because CAMPION has a choice and the expertise to build innovation into every boat.

With almost five decades of quality boat building heritage combined with the excitement that comes with a focused plan of innovation and growth, Campion’s goal is to design and build the boats of tomorrow that can be enjoyed today.


People respond emotionally to our boats because we build them with heart. We’re driven to create the best boats in the industry, pushing the limits while exploring and investing in new technologies to help us produce boats that are as exciting to look at as they are satisfying to drive.

The Campion team is passionate about reimagining and rethinking the boating experience, incorporating new technology and features so that every new design is crafted in a way to ensure your Campion boat exceeds all expectations.

To boaters around the world, the name Campion is synonymous with quality. It’s in the details. Every inch of every boat is beautifully finished, even in the places you never see. You’ll feel it in the ride – superior handling, performance, and fuel economy. We’re passionate about quality. That’s why our boaters are passionate about Campion and we love our job.


CAMPION next-generation hull, the Apex2, has been computer-designed and exhaustively simulated and tested. The ground-breaking geometry of the Apex2 hull increases speeds by up to 10-20 percent with 20 percent fuel efficiency compared to traditional hull designs. This new design provides incredible stability, power and pushes performance even in the roughest waters.

Increased Stability

  • Dual deadrise
  • Centerline surface lift zone
  • Turn down stakes & chine


Amazing Power & Performance

  • Setback engine placement
  • Smaller turning radius
  • Less vibration
  • Faster time to plane